John Eboigbe

John Eboigbe

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First Name * John
Last Name * Eboigbe
Username * astromerc
Country * USA
Languages English


Areas of Expertise illustration
Preferred Tools Wings3DPhotoshopIllustrationDesignAnimationStoryboardingShort Filmsweb designConcept artCharacter design


Availability: Freelance


Hello, my name is John Eboigbe

In the past, I have worked with the creative departments Marvel comics, several independent comic book companies, and television production companies. The latter two have been primarily character design for companies and individuals that were looking to translate their written ideas to rendered characters.

I believe that my knowledge and expertise in the area of comic book production would translate perfectly and would be an asset to your company. A lot of times characters in comics are created quickly sometimes with complexity and others with simplicity. However, each time with a purpose and functionality.

I am familiar with the video game pipeline production. I have been involved with training from the genome workshop and the website to familiarize myself more with production in the gaming industry, I also have a strong background in organic modeling and maquette design from the wire frame armatures to finish sculpt to casting.

I am looking for mainly character designs with weapons and accessories etc. main characters secondary characters and any other peripheral characters. My preferred medium choice is the use of pencil, pen, ink, marker, airbrush as well as my wacom tablet. I also employ the use of 3-D packages such as Sketch-up, Wings 3D, Silo, Bryce, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.